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“Seamlessly integrating innovative regulatory and compliance technologies and platforms .”

Capital Edge is actively involved in the Level 39 innovation centre in Canary Wharf and other Fintech and Regtech centres. We are building partnerships with Fintech companies and utility service providers, to build offerings that address current business problems and enable customers to adopt them effectively.



Identity Authentication – AuthenticID

The banking industry is losing hundreds of millions on identity fraud every year.

AuthenticID has solved the #1 issue with mobile customers – How do you confirm their identity without a face-to-face interaction? The solution accurately authenticates a customer’s identity – of anyone from anywhere – in less than 10 seconds using Automated Forensic Document Authentication technology. enables firms to connect due diligence data to address KYC, financial regulation, tax and counterparty requirements.

Firms benefit from an industry led policy standard for KYC data quality and completeness as well as lowered costs and simplified processes. By enabling firms to industrialise business critical due diligence processes, helps them to quickly become eligible and ready to transact.

Currently 10 of the largest global banks and 1400+ buy-side and corporate clients are registered.

Every financial institution in the world is facing a “perfect storm” i.e. spiralling levels of regulation which is putting additional pressure on banks to collect more data and documentation from clients, increasing the cost of compliance and seriously impacting operational efficiencies and client experience.

Fenergo is a leading provider of Regulatory Onboarding, Client & Counterparty Data Management and Client Lifecycle Management software solutions for sell-side and buy-side firms including investment, corporate and private banks.







Semantics technology – GRCTC

The number of Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) staff has never been higher due to the inter-related nature of new and pending regulations globally.

Building a sustainable strategy to address the volume, velocity and complexity of inter-related regulation requires innovative and cost-effective solutions.  Firms that want to remain agile need to standardise the interpretation and consumption of regulation and thereby ensure there is a sufficiently robust regulatory safety-net in place.

GRCTC applied semantic research and  tooling  can help answer many of the questions confronting financial services organisations. 


Murex implementation service – We are a global partner for Murex the market leading trading and risk platform.