Trading System Solutions


In April 2015, Capital Edge was appointed as a global re-seller of IT and Business Consulting services by Murex International SA. Since its creation in 1986, Murex has played a key role in proposing effective technology as a catalyst for growth in capital markets, through the design and implementation of integrated trading, risk management, processing and post-trade platforms. With many years of experience deploying Murex solutions across asset classes globally, Capital Edge offerings encompass all facets of the design and deployment life cycle.

System Migration

Migration project overruns due to challenges in synchronising trade, static data, poor translation of existing processes and managing concurrent multiple systems.

System EverGreening

Utilise latest Murex features to meet business requirement and benefits by performing a planned evergreening solution through upgraded release versions.

Environment Management

A leading global investment bank lacking clear environment management strategy and processes were running insufficient environments with resources immersed into a ‘refresh and rebuild’ cycle delivering environments that did not match the production setup impacting project delivery.

System Upgrades

Trading system upgrades involve significant testing and bug patch deliveries which impacts user time and often results in time and cost overruns. Some Banks have seen a 100% schedule overrun and 150% budget overrun in undertaking these upgrades.

Greenfield Implementation

Today, global markets businesses are experiencing a changing business environment characterised by increasing trading volumes, greater product complexity, needs for real time market information and regulatory demands.

This is triggering a need to bring about business and IT transformation, as existing management structures and capacity often find it difficult to deal with large scale change, whilst at the same time driving the business forward.

Post project bugs and fixes impact the cost of BAU, consuming precious change budget.

Performance Tuning & Optimization

Murex IT Delivery teams are often under pressure to prioritise changes for the business leaving little or no time to for “AA checks” and producing strategies to increase production system performance and fault finding response times.


Tools and Components

Across the City organisations continue to make throw away investments in building tools for testing, reconciliation and trade and reference data migrations as part of their project lifecycle.


Packaged Roll-out

Global roll-out of the primary trading system, for a leading global investment bank, with point solutions for each country and business which cannot be re-used for other sites and cannot easily be extended to other asset classes.